Chapter 324

Simsbury, CT

 July Gathering and Fly-In 

Summer is here…. Our July monthly gathering will be at the Luke/Schaan Hangar on Wednesday, July 11th, props start swinging around 6ish, BBQ at 7pm.

It appears that winter has finally released its icy grip on us and it’s time to resume our Monthly Gatherings/BBQ/Fly-In at the Schaan/Luke hangar.  

For those new to the Chapter the Schaan/ Luke hangar is the 4th  white fabric hangar on the east side of the field.  If you’re looking from the club house it’s the fourth hangar counting from the left…or…. the fourth hangar from Wolcott dirt road entrance. You can’t miss it, hangar doors will be open and there will most likely be a RV-6A and a RV-7A wanting to take flight parked out in front of the hangar. Park your cars next to the hangar but behind the hangar doors line of sight so we can sit and watch airplane activity.

Please bring your own protein to grill and a side to share. If your running late we always have extra food to feed ya. 

BYOB always welcomed.


 We’ll see you all on Wednesday.



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