Chapter 324

Simsbury, CT

April 2018

April 2018 

New Business:

 My son Bryan and his family are meeting my wife and I at AirVenture this year.  Bryan is driving overland (and a wee bit of ocean) from USCG Air Station Kodiak, AK to his new assignment at USCG Air Station Clearwater. FL.  Bryan suggested that our Chapter reserve a Chapter Camp Site this year at AirVenture.   A minimum of 4 members need to sign up.  We tell EAA our preferences of Chapter Camp sites and they reserve us a site.  It’s first come, first served.  Benefits are: camp sites would be closer to the AirVenture entrance gate(s) and the showers and we all get to sleep together….at one large camp site…. AirVenture dates are July 23rd to July 29th.  Bryan will be on site July 19th  , I’m flying the Super Cub, my wife and her sister are driving the jeep and picking up a motorhome in Akron, OH. to bring to AirVenture.  Charlie is flying his RV-7, and Phil V. and Bill E. are staying in Appleton and using a shuttle to get to the field.     

Is there anyone else coming to AirVenture 2018?  By having a Chapter site it enables our members to arrive and depart as they wish and they won’t get stuck camping in the south 40 and walking a mile to the AirVenture admission gates and back.   The Chapter camp site will be attended and available all week. 

Please let me know if your plan to attend AirVenture and want to join the group ASAP…so I can add you to the camp site registration list.



On Going Business:

 Treasurer Report:


    •  Dan McKeeman reported to me that all dues have been paid.


    Young Eagle Rally will be held Saturday May 19th, 9am at the Simsbury Airport. 

    • Rain date Saturday, June 2nd.
    • We’re going to need all hands-on board for this event.  To run a YE Rally well we need a lot of ground support.
    • Pilots: I have a commitment from Bill, Charlie, Greg, PJ and Bill.  Let me know if your available to fly.
    • Greg S. is going to speak with the Simsbury High School Aviation department to recruit Young Eagles
    • Chris D. reports that Luke’s BS Troop 175 have scouts signing up.
    • The EAA has approved and issued us our Chapter’s liability insurance.
    • If anyone knows someone involved with the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts tell them about our Young Eagle Rally.
    • On-line Young Eagle Rally Registration can be completed now at Spring Young Eagle Rally


    Charlie Luke is forming an IMC and/or VFR Club. 

    • There was enough interest that Charlie will begin moving forward with the clubs’ formation.  See the web links below for more information on the IMC & VFR Clubs.
    • Charlie Luke has been working on a Google Calendar to list aviation events of interest to our Chapter, that our members can view on their phone calendars.  He emailed a Google Calendar last week.  Some members received it while others did not (like mwah).  Charlie will resend the message.  



    I will not be attending the next Chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 2nd.   Charlie will be running the meeting. 



    • Adam  is looking for gas welding equipment.  If you have any equipment to lend or sell, please contact Adam at or Cell 


    • Is there any interest in ordering EAA sanctioned polo shirts with the EAA logo on the right chest area and our chapter logo on the left sleeve or left pocket location?  Both logo would be embroidered with white thread.  Price would be $20 each. Please email me. Turn time is 3 to 4 weeks.



    Hints for Homebilders videos at